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The Three main Balearic Islands




Things to do in Majorca

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Majorca Attractions and things to do in Majorca

Majorca or as some say Mallorca is the largest of the Spanish Balearic Islands and is open for business all year. Where you stay on the island is up to you but if you get it wrong then you're in for a holiday from hell. Obviously everyone's opinion of hell is different, so be careful to check out the resort before booking and never ever take an “allocation on arrival” package or you could be in for quite a shock.


Shopping opportunities in Majorca are plentiful and range from local markets and handicrafts, to large shopping centers containing many popular fashion boutiques. Majorca's markets are often the best places to find genuine bargains and inexpensive shopping, with many markets in Majorca offering a good selection of gift ideas, together with tasty produce, hot snacks and local specialities. As you would expect the Capital city of Palma has the best shops with the main shopping areas are Avinguda Jaume III and the Passeig des Born for up-market boutiques, and the pedestrian streets around Placa Major for small specialist shops. Other hotspots for shopping include Arta, Alcudia and Pollenca for gifts, art and artesian work, Cala d'Or and Port d'Andratx for fashion and gift boutiques and Puerto Portals for upmarket fashions.


There are plenty of different festivals that take place throughout the year in Majorca starting in January with the Festa de Sant Sebastia in Pollenca, Majorca and ending on the last day of December with the Festa de l'Estandard in Palma with a procession from the town hall to the Mass at the Cathedral. Many festivals are based around the Christian calendar with Easter being a very busy time with events all around the island.

Head to the beach

The east of the island offers some fine beaches and resorts that cater for the middle ground where as the north is aimed more at the family market. A Majorca adult’s only holiday is never boring as there are so many things to do if you want to. Wherever you decide to stay on this charming island you’ll never be very far away from a wonderful beach.


There is plenty to see and do whilst in Majorca and we have listed a few ideas below. Several of these attractions can be booked at discounted rates to our customers who use our holidays search option. If you're only booking the hotel with us then most attractions can be booked from your hotel or via a local agency but the cost may be higher

Hidropark Alcudia From white-knuckle rides to gentle slides, the wet and wild world of Hidropark Alcudia is packed with attractions of all heights and shapes. You can go from a thrilling adrenalin rush to the peaceful quiet of the lush landscaped gardens quicker than it takes you to hit the water. At the biggest and most exciting waterpark in northern Mallorca, you’ll be able to try exhilarating rides such as the Line&Line or the Spiral, and other more relaxing attractions, including the mini-golf and the giant floating balls. There are so many water slides, including the Kamikaze for the more daring. Children are well looked after, with their own special areas. Two new slides, Neptune and Octopus, dedicated to the little one have recently been added to the park’s offering. To make it the perfect day out, you can enjoy a family meal together… if you can get the rest of them out of the water. Click on the name to see more details and pictures of the Hidropark Alcudia

Please note! To find holidays and hotels near the Hidropark Alcudia simply use the search box above and enter “Alcudia” as the resort.

Palma Aquarium Discover the best kept secrets of the oceans as you walk around this wonderful Marine Park with over 8,000 animals representing 700 different species and more than 5 million litres of salt water. Follow the 900 metre itinerary through the park and discover its amazing secrets. You will enjoy a host of activities allowing you to learn about life in marine environments while you enjoy fun animations suitable for all ages, especially for kids. Take a plunge and go diving in the deepest shark aquarium in Europe and you’ll have the one of the most amazing experiences of your life. Palma Aquarium is the only tourist attraction in the Balearic Islands that is open all year round; 365 days a year. During the summer months, the heat can sometimes be unbearable, and for this reason we have thought up loads of fun and refreshing activities for you to enjoy and cool down at the same time. You’ll really feel like you’re swimming in the sea as you dive among the playful manta rays and have a ball in the fountain jets in the playground or just cool down and enjoy the Jungle or the air-conditioned aquariums indoors. So when you start to feel the heat ... we’ll be waiting for you!

Please note! To find holidays and hotels near the Palma Aquarium simply use the search box above and enter “C’an Pastilla” as the resort.

Marineland Come along for a great day out at this award-winning Dolphinarium, easily the best in Spain. You cannot afford to miss this wonderful marine zoo, specialising in entertainment, education, research and interaction with nature. The latest attraction is the penguin enclosure; their cheeky antics will delight your children with an igloo, rocks, lots of water and a whole new world to discover. You will also be surprised at the friendliness and intelligence of our bottlenose dolphins and California sea lions. You‘ll then be able to enjoy one of the most renowned dolphin shows in the world and an amazing walk through the underwater tunnel where you can see the majestic and fearful sharks swimming just inches away from you, together with hundreds of different species of fish brought from all over the world. You will also be able to see giant snakes (boas, anacondas and pythons), prehistoric iguanas, lizards, freshwater fish and lethal piranhas. Younger visitors will also enjoy the Mini Park with a pirate ship, a small swimming pool to cool off and slides. Be surprised by nature and have fun.

Please note! To find holidays and hotels near Marineland simply use the search box above and enter “Costa d'en Blanes” as the resort.

Hams caves Enter the magical underground world of the Hams Caves in Mallorca. For thousands of years they were one of Mother Nature’s best kept secrets until in 1905 Pedro Caldentey discovered the grotto. Nowadays, you can not only visit the caverns but also enjoy light and sound shows inside. Located in Porto Cristo, the Hams Caves (‘hams’ means fishhook in Catalan) are renowned worldwide for their stunning stalactites and stalagmites, their spectacular tree-like formations and the wonderful underground lakes. The incomparable beauty of these caves is highlighted by artistic electric illumination, designed by Lorenzo Caldentey, son of the discoverer. Several lakes are to be found within the cave system, the largest being the Sea of Venice, where a Magical Mozart performance is held daily in a special tribute to the composer. You also have the option of enjoying an exhibition commemorating the centenary of the discovery of the caves with a tribute to Jules Verne (who passed away the same month) and wrote Journey to the Centre of the Earth and The Mysterious Island. It invites you to travel to back to the experimental times of the great French writer and his visionary work where you’ll see digitally animated, original 19th century prints and illustrations projected onto the stone walls of this ancient cave. You should not miss this journey into the bowels of the Earth.

Western Water Park Take the plunge with a wet and wild day of rip-roaring fun at Western Water Park, where gravity-defying experiences are guaranteed. As the name suggests, the park is themed to resemble the Wild West of Buffalo Bill and the boys. There are three sections, each offering its own inimitable activities. This is a water park like no other. Prove your mettle at the Kamikaze Star with its 30 metre drop, which will definitely get your adrenalin going and have you heart in your mouth. Then you have ago on the260 metre-long Mega Slide, where you’ll have the adventure of a lifetime as you speed along in our rafts with your family or friends. You’ll be screaming out loud when you get sucked into the Tornado or the four Diablo slides. You can also have on go on new slides such as the Boomerang. The park has something for all the family; your children will have the time of their lives at the zones specially designed for them. And when you need a rest from all the excitement, you can relax and lie down in the shade of a beach umbrella and enjoy our beautifully landscaped gardens. After a nice rest, get back into the swing of things on the Lazy River or else wake up – or cool down – under the massive buckets of the Tam Tam Splash by the wave pool. Click on the name to see more details and pictures of the Western Park Water Park

To find holidays and hotels near the Western Water Park simply use the search box above and enter “Magaluf” as the resort.

Artá caves The Arta Caves are among the Mallorca’s most spectacular attractions. Located in the in the northeast of the island, they are a fascinating network of underground caverns, whose forests of stalactites and stalagmites conjure up mysterious images of heaven and hell. An early admirer was Jules Verne and the caves are said to have inspired his epic novel, Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Long before they were a tourist attraction, they offered refuge to humans. King Jaume I of Aragon found 2,000 Moors hiding here along with their cattle during the Christian conquest in the 13th century and they were later used by hermits, pirates and smugglers. However the caves were nor thoroughly explored and mapped until 1876. The tour comes with special effects and the various chambers have been given Dantesque names: Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise. The descent into Hell is swiftly followed by a son et lumière display. Stiletto-like Stalactites point down from the roof, somehow defying gravity. One of the chambers is as large as the nave of Palma cathedral and the Queen of Pillars, a stalagmite 22m tall, could almost be a Gothic column. It is growing upwards at the rate of 2cm every 100 years, which means that in another 5,000 years or so it will be joined to the ceiling. You emerge from the caves to a view of the sea, framed by the cavern entrance.

Katmandu Theme Park Turn your world upside down as you search for a legendary jewel in Katmandu Park, an amazing Tibetan-style mansion with 11 themed rooms inhabited by colourful characters. You’ll be enthralled by the four amazing attractions: House of Katmandu, 4D Experience, Expedition Golf and The Asylum. Come and meet the lovable yeti, Boro, a mythical creature guarding the red jewel. Carve your name into his icy lair, battle ferocious winds and face creepy experiments that will make your hair stand on end. Interact with an enchanted forest controlled by you and your friends. You’ll see some of the most unusual mechanical wonders and get to play in the first interactive aquarium on the island. Meanwhile at The Asylum, the nightmare has only just begun at the first adults-only attraction at Katmandu Park. The paranormal phenomena you experience in The Asylum will haunt you long after you've escaped from its dark corridors. Then be amazed by the new 4D cinema experience, a completely new take on entertainment. And if you still want more, you can go on a mini-golf expedition and discover the secrets of an ancient world and a forgotten time. Two paths lie before you for you to explore, each with 18 holes to test your skills. Or immerse yourself in the four brand new attractions at Katmandu Park this summer; Katlantis Splash Park, a submarine adventure for the whole family, Katlantis soft play, where kids can climb through multiple play levels, Zombies XD Dark Ride, where you use lasers to battle the undead and K3 Climbing Challenge, where you conquer a 16m rock climb. Which challenge will you accept first? It's your adventure, so choose well. There will be no turning back.

To find holidays and hotels near the Katmandu Theme Park simply use the search box above and enter “Magaluf” as the resort.

Aqualand Park Spend an unforgettable day in the company of family and friends, and have the time of your life at Aqualand El Arenal. Make a splash on Banzai, Grand Canyon and the Devil's Tail and enjoy wet and wild fun for all ages. There are also three large areas for children: Mini Park, Dragoland and Polynesia. Feel the thrill of descending in total darkness or get your adrenalin going with gravity-defying curves and zigzags. The adventurous will make a beeline for Pure Rafting with its rapids, whirlpools and peaceful backwaters. There’s a whole universe of water attractions for the family at Aqualand, a world of waterslides of all types and heights to thrill and relax you; your kids will have the time of their lives. You’ll find vibrant attractions such as the Grand Canyon, the Black Hole or the Twister, and other more relaxing ones including Jacuzzis, Tropical Lake and Lake Niagara. There are more than 30 slides to choose from at this themed water park with swimming pools to keep the little ones entertained while you relax in the sun. Or maybe you could chill in one of the whirlpools and when you need a rest from all the excitement, lie down in the landscaped gardens. You can also enjoy a family meal in the picnic areas ... if you can get the children out of the water. Click on the name to see more details and pictures of the Aqualand Water Park

To find holidays and hotels near the Aqualand Park simply use the search box above and enter “Arenal” as the resort.

Son Amar Show There are cabaret extravaganzas and there is Son Amar, the venue that has become as much of a fixture for visitors to Mallorca as the beach or the old town in Palma. Located in a sumptuous manor house in the heart of the island, this is the ultimate Spanish entertainment experience with We Are The World, one of the most successful shows in Mallorca’s history. Your eyes and hearts will be opened to the international, multicultural world of music and dance. Enjoy scenes and sounds from Africa, India and Ireland as well as the world-famous theatres of Broadway and the West End. Spain, naturally, has a star role with the very best in classical Spanish ballet and flamenco produced by the renowned choreographer Carlos Vilán. Punctuated throughout by comic turns and breath-taking acrobatics, this mesmerizing show has no language barriers. Children are particularly captivated by the colourful spectacle, the dance and the dazzling costumes, all created new for this season. While your meal is being served, you will be entertained by our pre-show with the Son Amar orchestra, Sounds of Soul and a number of singers. Enjoy the exciting modern dance, choreographed by Liubov Khelben, who also creates the dance sets from every other featured nationality. Now that’s entertainment.

To find holidays and hotels near the Son Amar Show simply use the search box above and enter “Palma” as the resort.

Pirates Adventure Join us for an extravaganza without equal in Mallorca. Pirates Adventure is a swashbuckling mix of thrilling acrobatics, breath-taking gymnastics and pulsating dancing to the accompaniment of exhilarating music. This magical evening of fun-filled fantasy has wowed more than three million visitors over the past three decades – and it gets better year after year. Jump aboard and enjoy the adventure of a lifetime. Join Sir Henry Morgan – notorious pirate to some, national hero to others – and his band of privateers as they try to save their shipwrecked treasure after battling their French enemies in a classic tale of good against evil. Fearing a revenge attack, Morgan enlists the help of Sir Francis Drake, Blackbeard, Barbarossa and Captain Scarlet to help him defend the treasure and crush the French Nemesis for good. Pirates Adventure is a show-stopping production packed with artistes, acrobats and gymnasts from all over the world. You will not be able to see a show of this quality anywhere else in the world. So sign up for an incredible adventure with these intrepid pirates at the purpose-built venue in Magalluf. Pirates Adventure is an unforgettable evening that the whole family will enjoy. Music, dancing, acrobatics, gymnastic and a rip-roaring tale of adventure – expect fireworks!

To find holidays and hotels near the Pirates Adventure simply use the search box above and enter “Magaluf” as the resort.

Fantasia mini-golf Swing into action with a great family day out at Golf Fantasia, a green paradise in the heart of Palmanova. Located just a few metres from the seafront amid waterfalls, caves, and tropical gardens, is considered by many aficionados to have the best mini-golf courses in Mallorca. There are three different 18-hole mini-golf courses (colour-coded in red, yellow and blue) situated within tropical parkland. Play in an environment of beautiful waterfalls, duck ponds, atmospheric caves, wooden bridges and more in this lush tropical setting. There are even indoor grottoes with holes. This is golf like you’ve never seen or played before. For three decades, Golf Fantasia has been a fixture on the Palmanova and Mallorca outdoor activity scene. This is a fun day out for all the family with fun, sport and entertainment for all ages. After the strain of a few competitive rounds, you can relax in the 19th Hole snack bar. The complex is open all year round. Come along and join in the fun – you’ll love every minute of it.

To find holidays and hotels near the Fantasia mini-golf simply use the search box above and enter “Palma Nova” as the resort.

Rancho Grande Unleash your inner cowboy and cowgirl with an action-packed visit to Rancho Grande in Mallorca by far the biggest horse ranch in the island, it is scenically located in rolling countryside. There are more than 90 hectares of untouched fields, woodlands and brush to explore with unforgettable views of the nearby coastline. After meeting and greeting the local cowboys, it's time to saddle up and set off on a trek on horseback. And it doesn't matter whether you're a beginner or an experienced rider, because there are trails for all levels. There are 120 horses and ponies to choose at this western-style ranch dating from the Sixties. For tiny cowboys and cowgirls, there are pony and donkey rides, and if you don't feel up to riding horseback, you can enjoy scenic rides in the Sunset Wagon where you will enjoy a glass of sangria or orangeade. There’s even a western show the whole family can get involved in. At the mini-zoo, you can meet ostriches, black pigs and wild boar. You can also grab a bite to eat while little ones enjoy the country-style mini-disco. This excursion includes a welcome drink, snack, a photo for children, one and a half hour riding and a barbecue with sangria.

To find holidays and hotels near the Rancho Grande simply use the search box above and enter “Alcudia” as the resort.

Show at Es Foguero Come face to face with the passion and sensuality of Spanish music, and dance at one of Mallorca’s most famous entertainment venues, Es Fogueró. Over the decades, its stage has hosted epic performances by some of the biggest names in entertainment. Restored to its former glories after a massive refurbishment project, this season it offers a programme featuring the show, Gipsy Kings, and Bizet’s opera, Carmen. You will be blown away by the fervour and vibrancy of these pulsating performances. The extravaganza begins with a powerful performance of Gipsy Kings by well-known band Sinai. This unforgettable show features songs such as Bamboleo, Djobi Djoba, Let's Dance, Amor Gitano, Sevillanas and much, much more. Come face to face with the passion and sensuality of Spanish music, and dance at one of Mallorca’s most famous entertainment venues, Es Fogueró. Over the decades, its stage has hosted epic performances by some of the biggest names in entertainment. Restored to its former glories after a massive refurbishment project, this season it offers a programme featuring the show, Gipsy Kings, and Bizet’s opera, Carmen. You will be blown away by the fervour and vibrancy of these pulsating performances. The extravaganza begins with a powerful performance of Gipsy Kings by well-known band Sinai. This unforgettable show features songs such as Bamboleo, Djobi Djoba, Let's Dance, Amor Gitano, Sevillanas and much, much more.

Wine express mini-train Head right into the heart of Mallorca’s wine country in a fun and scenic way. Hop aboard the Mallorca Wine Express mini-train and visit some of the island’s finest vineyards and wineries while enjoying stunning landscapes from the vantage point of this quaint mode of transport. This guided tour with a difference has something for all the family. The Express will give you an insight into a little-known and authentic side of Mallorca seen by few visitors. You will enjoy a first-hand experience of one of the island’s oldest traditions, which goes back thousands of years to Roman times and beyond. There are four available tours, each offering you its own inimitable flavour. In the Day Tour, for example, the Express stops in the vineyards, including those of the oldest winery of Mallorca, and you can try wine from those particular grapes. This tour visits two wineries, where you can taste six or seven of the area’s finest wines (red, white, rosé and sweet) all accompanied by a small appetiser that will help to appreciate all the better the taste of each wine. Besides the wines you that are offered for tasting during the tour, you can taste other wines as an optional extra.

Golf Park Puntiro For those that like to play a round on holiday then the Golf Park at Puntiro should fill the gap. Located 15 minutes from Palma, in a typical Majorcan environment, this course has managed to integrate a great Nicklaus design with the gentle terrain and the characteristic vegetation of the centre of the island. The fairways are lined with native vegetation: pine trees, scrubland, wild olive trees and carob trees. It is a true course; everything is visible, without tricks, with well-defended but very elegant greens and easy to putt on. Puntiro is a well-balanced golf course with some easier holes where you can obtain a good result combined with some difficult ones. The fairways are always in perfect condition thanks to the variety of Bermuda-grass. If played from yellow tees it is not a long course (par 5s can be reached in 2 shots), the tee shot requires more precision than distance. In contrast, played from white tees, the difficulty increases considerably implying a challenge for low-handicappers. The greens are small and well-guarded by bunkers. Good approach shots will be necessary. Two big lakes come into play on 4 holes, one of them a par 3 where the ball has to overfly 140 meters of water.

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