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Things to do in the Antalya region

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Antalya region Attractions and things to do in Turkey - Antalya

The Antalya area of the Turkish Riviera (also known as "The Turquoise Coast") is a popular term used to define Turkey’s most popular holiday area. The region can boast more affordable five-star all inclusive hotels than anywhere else in Med. The sea and sun, nature and history and more than a thousand kilometres of shoreline of the region is strewn with ancient cities and harbour’s, memorial tombs and beaches and it is laced with little coves, lush forests and streams also making it also a trip goal for blue voyages. The combination of a favourable climate, warm sea, and abundant natural and archaeological points of interest makes this stretch of Turkey’s coastline a popular destination.


Shopping opportunities in the Antalya region are plentiful and range from local markets and handicrafts, to large shopping centers containing many popular fashion boutiques. Antalya region's markets are often the best places to find genuine bargains and inexpensive shopping, with many markets in Antalya region offering a good selection of gift ideas, together with tasty produce, hot snacks and local specialities. The best buy would be the rugs and tapestry, but try not to miss the bazaar opposite the clock tower in Antalya - this is where the Turks do their shopping, in a cheerful and gracious atmosphere.


Alanya The beach is at the centre of night-time pursuits in Alanya. There are also many bars and clubs in and around the resort. Most venues close early, but complimentary transportation is organized to carry late party animals to the Auditorium, which is away from the town centre. It stays open till late. Robin Hood, Bistro Bellman and James Dean are amongst the other suggested nightspots, almost all of which entertain guests with fire-eating shows, traditional music, and belly dancing. Belek offers an extremely good nightlife with an awesome line of bars and nightclubs, popular for their wholesome entertainment and amazing quality of drinks, at very affordable prices. Bars and clubs are crowded on weekends and one has to be prepared to wait in a queue. Popular clubs are Ally’s, Club 29 and James Dean in and around Antalya. Side is fascinating place for the night birds. This beautiful place has numerous pubs, clubs, discos and bars which party on until late that makes you rock. Missing an experience of the vibrant nightlife in Side, would make your travel an incomplete one.

Head to the beach

The Antalya region of Turkey known as the Turkish Riviera offers several sandy beaches, ranging from large popular beaches where numerous water sports are available, including windsurfing, scuba diving, fishing and boating, to small secluded beaches where visitors can just relax and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. After topping up your tan you can relax with a spa treatment or traditional Turkish bath. In addition these resorts offer many international cuisines along with fitness centers to work off those calories.


There is plenty to see and do whilst in Antalya region and we have listed a few ideas below. Several of these attractions can be booked at discounted rates to our customers who use our holidays search option. If you're only booking the hotel with us then most attractions can be booked from your hotel or via a local agency but the cost may be higher

Waterplanet Water Park With 2000 people daily capacity the largest aquapark of Turkish Mediterranean region invites you to fun, action and adventure. There are no limits for fun at the Mediterranean’s favourite water paradise whether you are young or an adult. You can have adventurous fun with rafting or relax with sea view from the forest or pump your adrenalin with bungee jumping and slides. 24 slides, each one more fun and exciting than the other: Family fun with the Family Slide, high speed excitement with the Kamikaze, 4 people side by side at the Multi Slide, taking you to another dimension with its special design; the Black Hole, up and down and again with the Slope Slide, Kids Slides for kids fun and many more… Rafting on a 300 meter course with artificial waves, Wave pool for cooling and refreshment, mini golf for relaxing, kids pool with fun toys, bungee jumping from 70 meters high for adrenalin lovers, crazy foam parties at the disco inside the aquapark, terrace for enjoying the sun and sea view. Start or opening time: 10am. End or closing time: 6pm. Click on the name to see more details and pictures of the Waterplanet Water Park .

Koprulu Canyon The best journey for being a part of the nature in the Köprülü Canyon National Park which is the most spectacular place of Mediterranean Region in Turkey. That is the best way to explore the fantastic nature of springs which is formed the Köprülü River and has many specialties to be told about the flora and fauna of the Park. After we pick up our guests from their hotels, we will drive up to the first meeting point about 6 km far from the main road of Antalya & Alanya. There, after a short break of 20 min, we’ll move on up to Karabük bridge and stay there for a while for taking photographs and being informed about the area. After that, we’ll have another stop at the Ancient Büğrüm Bridge. Some more information’s will be given there. Then we will take a walk for 1 km around the Oluk Köprü (The bridge which gives the name to area and river as KÖPRÜLÜ), which is not far from the Path where St. Paul have been twice to pass the Taurus Mountains to the City Antiochia Pisidia with Barnabas.

Istanbul discovery Spend a marvellous day discovering Istanbul, the fascinating Metropolis of the Bosphorus, and the only one in the world that strides two continents. Visit the world famous beautiful Blue Mosque, unique in Turkey for its 6 minarets and 20,000 blue tiles from which it derives its name. Discover the German Fountain and the Egyptian Obelisk in the Hippodrome Park, as well as the wonderful Topkapi Palace, the residence of the Ottoman Sultans for centuries, which contains large collections of porcelain, robes, weapons, Ottoman miniatures, Islamic manuscripts and murals, and other Ottoman treasures. This visit will be followed by a stroll around the Egyptian Bazar, famous for its display of all kinds of exotic spices, where you will have a chance to take in the very special flair and atmosphere of this exciting city.

Manavgat River This tour has something for everyone. Wild nature, some shopping in a busy market town and then a relaxing cruise down the Manavgat River to the sea. After being picked up from your hotel at 08:00 we will head for the Selale Falls on the Manavgat River. Known as the Little Falls, these fast-flowing waters crash down a ridge and make for some great photos. Then it is on to a textile centre, which sells cotton clothes at fantastic prices. Pick up some bargains before heading for Manavgat. This inland town holds a massive twice-weekly outdoor market - the place where locals love to shop. The stalls buckle with everything from budget clothes and Ali Baba-style shoes to woodcarvings and local delicacies. You will have over an hour to look round and get some goodies. Next is a cruise along the Manavgat River. Join your boat and relax in the sunshine as you sail past reed beds and sandy beaches. Then after lunch on board, you will moor at a beach, where you can take a cooling swim in the river or sea before heading back to the resort where we will arrive at around 17:00. This full-day excursion includes hotel pick up and drop off, all transport and entrance fees, the boat trip, lunch on board and the services of an English-speaking guide throughout. This trip is suitable for wheelchairs and the less- mobile. Please note that drinks are not included. This tour has something for everyone.

Pamukkale Tour Come face to face with one of Mother Nature’s most dramatic creations with this fascinating full day tour to Pamukkale and Hierapolis. For thousands of years, visitors have been drawn visitors for thousands of years to this rare and fascinating calcium landscape, and to relax in the thermal springs. Arrive at Pamukkale and your jaw will drop at the amazing winter-like scenes. Formed by calcium-filled springs pouring down the mountainside, its glacier-white ridges and pools look like an Arctic wonderland. You will see water laden with calcareous salt, which as it plunges down the mountain side, has created this natural formation of stalactites, falls and basins. There are just a handful of these in the planet and they have to be seen to be believed. The contrast with the surrounding landscape is particularly stark. Snap photos as you wander about and after lunch (not included) explore the nearby ruins of Hierapolis, where there is a well-preserved Roman theatre and ancient thermal baths, which have been restored and converted into an archaeological museum. Other significant sites include the Temple of Apollo, the Necropolis and the Nymphaeum and the fourth century basilica. This tour involves a fair amount of walking so may not be suitable for the less mobile; nor for infants due to the long journey. We recommend you wear comfortable shoes and bring a spare set of swimwear, a camera and some money.

Sea to Sky Half Day Tour At 4,350 metres in length, the Tahtali Aerial Cableway is the longest of its kind in Europe, and the 2nd longest in the World. Starting from a modern base station, the cable car will ascend, over the Olympos- Beydağları National Park, to the snow-capped summit of Mt. Tahtali standing a staggering 2,365 metres above sea level. As you climb, you'll be treated to some fantastic panoramic views that stretch far out over the sea. And it gets even better when you reach the top - the patios and viewing platforms at the upper station provide a 360 degree panorama across the surrounding landscape. Meeting/pick-up point: Hotel pick-up between. Duration: Four and-a-half hours approx.

Perge & Aspendos Travel back in time to the days of togas and chariots at these two ancient sites in this half-day excursion. After being picked up from your hotel between 08:00 and 09:00 we'll head for our first stop, the classical city of Perge. This once bustling Roman port was founded around 1300 BC and was the first stop for St. Paul on his missionary journeys around the Mediterranean. It is also reputedly the birthplace of beer. Take a guided tour, stepping through the triumphal Roman gate to admire the ruined temples, marketplace and fountains. On the column-lined main street, meanwhile, you can even see the grooves in the flagstones created by chariot wheels long-ago. There is also a magnificent, 12,000-seater Roman stadium and the remnants of a Bronze Age acropolis. Leaving Perge behind, it is then on to Aspendos to see the one of the world's best-preserved Roman theatres. Built into a steep hillside and big enough for 15,000 spectators, this vast semi-circular edifice was used to stage plays 2,000 years ago. And its perfect acoustics mean that it is still used for operas and concerts today. You will then return to the resort arriving back at around 14:00.

Turkish Bath Want a top-notch tan whilst trying something new. Then a trip to a hammam, or Turkish bath, is definitely for you. Hammams have existed in Turkey since ancient times, providing locals with a way to relax, freshen up and catch up with gossip all at the same time. They are also brilliant for exfoliating your skin so you are more likely to develop a lasting tan. Everything starts when we take you to one of the best local hammams. Here, you will change into your swimwear in a cubicle and wrap up in a towel. Then it is off to the hammam itself - a humid, marble-tiled room with a `gobektasi', or heated stone slab, in the centre. Relax as the heat softens your skin, opens your pores and gets you sweating out those toxins. Next, you will lie on the `gobektasi', where you will be treated to a body scrub followed by a head-to-toe massage in soft, soapy bubbles. And after that, you will get an all-over oil massage, leaving you positively glowing and the most relaxed you have ever felt. A great way to start your holiday.

Fire Of Anatolia The ancient region of Anatolia is the heartland of modern Turkey and its folklore has shaped much of the country’s wider culture and customs. This world-famous show will tells you the story of its past through the medium of dance. Featuring the incredible ‘Fire of Anatolia’ dance troupe, this is Turkey’s answer to Riverdance. Cue a cast of 120 dancers stepping, stomping and swirling to traditional folk music from the Anatolian Highlands to the Balkans, from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean. Add ballet and acrobatic modern dance acts all backed by swirling Turkish music and drumming dazzling lighting and costumes and you’ve got yourself a show you’ll never forget. ‘Fire of Anatolia’ holds two world records, one for performing the most dance-steps in one minute, 241 to be precise and another for the largest audience, performing in front of 400,000 people. This is show that is definitely not be missed by anyone with a passion for dance and music or with an interest in Turkish culture, both traditional and contemporary. The trip includes transfers to and from the venue, the Gloria Aspendos Arena in Antalya, as well as your entrance tickets. Light dinner included for Alanya and Kemer areas. No dinner included for Antalya, Belek and Side areas.

Troya Show The ancient region of Troas is located along the Northern Aegean coastline very close to Canakale and in the shadow of Mount Ida. What this area is most famous for is being home to the famous city of Troy – whose story was brought to life in Homer’s Iliad, but more recently by the astonishing ‘Fire of Anatolia’ dance troupe. The stage comes alive with the passion of the times. King Agamemnon’s battle with Achilles, Helen’s love for Paris, Menelaus’ duel with Paris and how the Greeks duped the Trojans with the wooden horse. It’s an amazing show not to be missed.

Kekova & Myra Take a look at the Lycian rock-cut tombs. See fallen friezes carved with theatrical masks and wander round the amphitheatre at the Lycian site of Myra. Next, it’s on to St Nicholas church at Demre. This bare Byzantine church houses the empty tomb of St Nicholas, once the Bishop of Myra and the inspiration for Santa Claus. Finally, hop on a boat and sail to Kekova Island where parts of a Lycian settlement were submerged in the sea. Peer down through the water as you glide over sunken walls and steps. Starting this tour is a boat trip to Kekova Island. As well as being an area of outstanding beauty, the island is famous for its underwater ruins, the relics of an ancient town partially submerged by an earthquake in the second century. While you're here, there'll also be a short stop for you to swim in the sea. After lunch, you'll head to Demre, located on the site of the ancient city of Myra. As well as seeing some of the remains of Myra, including the amphitheatre and rock tombs, you'll visit the Church of St Nicholas, who is better known today as Santa Claus.

Lazy Day Cruise Spend a day lazily sailing the seas of the Gulf of Antalya with this scenic cruise available from Alanya, Manavgat, Kemer-Belek and Antalya. Lounge on deck soaking in those Mediterranean sun rays and then cool down with a refreshing swim of a chilly drink. It’s for days like these that we daydream about all winter long. For the cruise from Alanya and Manavgat, board your gulet on the Manavgat River, sailing along its emerald waters towards the open sea. Relax in the sunshine and enjoy the passing scenery - everything gets particularly pretty when you cruise into the turquoise sea. Sail along the coastline, drifting by long sandy beaches to the sound of soft music played on board. Every now and then, the skipper drops anchor for swimming and snorkelling stops. Complimentary local drinks are available and midway through the trip, lunch will be served on board. From Kemer-Belek and Antalya, sail on a double-decker wooden boat, gliding from bay to bay, wafting past coves, forests and pine-clad mountains. Stretch on a sunbed on the upper deck cooled by the sea breezes. Relax on the shaded lower deck and take in the views. Keep an eye out for dolphins - there’s quite a high concentration in these waters. The captain will drop anchor a few times so you can swim or snorkel. The first stop is Phaselis Bay, where Hidden among the trees you will discover crumbled shops, baths and streets dating back 2,000 years to Roman times.

Rafting Come with us for a day of adventure away from the beach. Away from the coast, this part of Turkey is something of an adventure playground - created by Mother Nature herself with craggy peaks, fragrant pine and cedar forests and impenetrable river canyons. And it is the latter that this trip focuses on, a white water rafting trip in the Köprülü canyon in the mountains. After being picked up from your hotel between 08:00 and 09:00 we'll drive up into the mountains heading for the riverside village of Beskonak, where you will be given a safety briefing and don a helmet and life-vest. Then, take your seat, along with your guide in your eight-person raft and get ready to roll. Feel the cool breezes as your raft skims and spins over the waters with everyone laughing and shrieking along the way. Keep your eyes on the scenery, too. You will raft past steep cliffs and pine forests that most tourists never get to see. It is an exhilarating ride but the rapids are gentle rather than turbulent, so they are perfect for beginners.

Moby Dick Cruise Cruise along Antalya's stunning coastline to seek out two of the best swim stops in the area. First photo break in front of Antalya Old City, near the castle, with a view to the seaside of Antalya Konyaaltı. Take a refreshing dip in front of the impressive Karpuzkaldiran Waterfall. Don't forget your camera as you will definitely want to capture the beauty of this force of nature. Next we head for Mice Island and on the way you'll tuck into a tasty lunch that includes fish, chicken, salad, meatballs and fruit, all served on board. There's plenty of free time here to catch a few rays or cool off in the crystal clear water. Meeting/pick-up point: Cruise departs from Antalya at 10.30am, returning at about 4pm. Moby Dick Catamaran animation team has its own animation programme for the children and the adults that are performed throughout the cruise.

Adventure Safari comfortably seated in air-conditioned off-roaders, you’ll be taken to untouched nature and places of amazing beauty. When the deepest canyon of Anatolia appears out of nowhere it’ll be a breath-taking magic moment. A short rafting on the river will refresh you before you head for Selge, an ancient center for culture and trade. You will start with comfort break at Özkent Restaurant. Driving to the Canyon and ''mother-in-law'' rock, after Guests will change to the Amarok off Roaders and drive to the Tazi Village. Lunch and Tour in a raft (first upstream, then downstream). Meeting/pick-up point: Hotels 9.15am-9.30am. Duration: full day. Start/opening time: At 10.30am.

Antalya's Aquarium Come with us and visit Antalya’s newest attraction. Antalya's Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world and offers three different levels with many different species of fish and the largest underwater tunnel aquarium in the world, over 131m long and 3m wide. The main tank was designed and decorated by an Italian sculptor, Benedetti, inspired by coral reefs and featuring a life-size aeroplane, shipwreck and submarine. The almost 5 million litres of water in the main tank are home to many species of tropical fish and sharks. You will find species from the all over world's oceans and rivers, from caves and there is even a special tank for jelly fish! The Aquarium also offers Snow World, over 1500m2 of winter wonderland with igloos, Santa's grotto and cafés where visitors can have a snowball fight and make snowmen, the Tropical Swimming Reef, situated on the aquarium's roof where visitors will have the chance to swim with harmless sharks and rays and even get to feed the fish in special aquariums and Kid's World (these attractions are subject to an extra fee). And if you should fancy some food or refreshments you will find something for all tastes; there are several restaurants, a fast food restaurant a patisserie and an ice-cream cafe at the aquarium.

Green Canyon cruise Every now and then Mother Nature appreciates a helping hand and nowhere is this more evident than in the glorious Green Canyon near Antalya. Enjoy a relaxing and scenic cruise along this canyon which came about three years ago after the Managvat River was dammed. And you get to cap the experience off with a refreshing swim in the emerald waters. Framed by the Taurus Mountains, the Green Canyon is one of the most beautiful retreats in southern Anatolia. For more almost 15km, glide along the placid waters, flanked by rugged slopes covered in lush woodlands. Admire the breath-taking scenery and the panoramas within the two canyons of this picturesque route. This is the great outdoors at their finest: civilisation has been kept at bay in this part of Turkey. You’ll see other visitors here but the local population is mainly made up of grazing goats. The cruise begins at the Oymapinar Dam and continues for more than two hours until reaching a stunningly situated waterside restaurant, where you will be served a delicious lunch. The menu offers choices such as beef goulash, chicken or trout as well as a selection of open buffet salads and fruit. Then board the boat again and continue your odyssey for a further 90 minutes. All you need to bring along is your swimming gear, towel, sun screen and, of course, your camera!

Antalya City Discover the sights and sounds of Antalya with this fascinating tour that showcases the city’s natural and manmade beauty. Visit a jewellery centre, see the delightful Duden waterfalls and then enjoy a guided jaunt through the old town from the landmark clock tower to historic Hadrian’s Gate. This tour is ideal nature lovers, history buffs and souvenir hunters. Begin your adventure with a visit to a jewellery centre packed with glittering goodies. Antalya is renowned all over Turkey for the craftsmanship that goes into producing jewellery, which is considered among the most beautiful and best quality in the country. Here you’ll get the lowdown on the best gold and why it's such a good buy here. After this dazzling display, prepare for another sparkling treat at the wonderful waterfalls of Duden on the river of the same name. These have an unexpected ending when the water cascades off a 40 metre-high cliff into the Mediterranean. Break for lunch before meeting again to undertake a guided tour of Kaleici, the old town that hugs the picturesque harbour. Its narrow streets and alleys retain the same layout they had centuries ago and the district contains dozens of landmarks from the Roman era through Byzantine to Ottoman times. Winding up the hill from the harbour, it’s a gem of a place. Ringed by Roman walls, it’s all cobbled lanes, Ottoman-era houses and pretty cafés. There’s a stop for Turkish tea and you also have free time to explore the area at your own pace.

Alanya Castle & Cave Tour Discover the charms of Alanya. You’ll start with a look round Seljuk Castle. Then continue up to Cebel-I Reis Montain to find Dim Cave. Choc-full of stalactites and stalagmites and famous for its health-giving air. With lunch included you’ll finish with enough time to explore the old town. Alanya Castle (Alanya Kalesi) is a medieval castle in the southern Turkish city of Alanya. Most of the castle was built in the 13th century under the Selcuklu Sultan following the city's conquest in 1220 by Alaeddin Keykubad I as part of a building campaign that included the Kizil Kule. The castle has 83 towers and 140 bastions. Dim Cave, is one of Turkey's most beautiful caves. Stalactites, stalagmites, columns, and wall formation as perdemakarn is very ornate and rich. 11 km to Alanya and the surrounding picnic areas and is covered with forests are flooded with visitors due. The cave is open to visitors throughout the year

Scuba diving Do you feel like giving scuba-diving a go? Then this full-day excursion will give you a taste of the underwater world and you'll find out whether you are cut out for a wetsuit. After being picked up from your hotel between 07:00 and 08:00 we'll whisk you to a top-rated PADI diving school where you will get to grips with the basic skills. Then, once you feel comfortable, you will head out by boat to a secluded bay for your first fun dive. Descend into the warm waters with an experienced PADI instructor by your side. As you explore the waters, keep a lookout for grouper, octopus and damselfish. You might even spy more elusive species like barracuda and parrotfish, too. At some point, your instructor will hold out bits of food, attracting shoals of fish to give you a really close look. Then, after lunch back on board, you'll enjoy a second, afternoon dive, giving you another chance to brush up your skills and see even more sea life before we turn to the resort, arriving at around 18:00. This full-day excursion includes hotel pick up and drop off, transfers, instruction, lunch, use of scuba-diving equipment, two dives and the services of an English-speaking guide throughout. Please note that admittance is subject to a health questionnaire - you won't be able to join if you have diabetes, hypertension, lung disease or asthma.

Stop dreaming, Go-there and make sure you get the most out of your holiday in Turkey.

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