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Things to do in the Dalaman region of Turkey

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Dalaman Attractions and things to do in the Dalaman region

The Dalaman area in West Turkey is where the Aegean and the Mediterranean Seas meet and is home to some of the top all inclusive holiday resorts in Turkey. Marmaris is the largest and most established resort and offers everything any holidaymaker could wish for including great beaches with a wide choice of water sports through to an open air ice rink. Marmaris is a true bucket & spade resort with a good measure of bars, clubs and kiss me quick hats but if you’re after a more upmarket experience then you should try either Icmeler or Olu Deniz.


Icmeler :There is a central shopping mall in Icmeler that is suitable for acquiring essentials and souvenirs. The local market is open on Wednesdays. Serious shoppers can take a short dolmus taxi ride into Marmaris, a nearby town where there are enough shopping options to literally shop 'till you drop'. Olu Deniz: Oludeniz has numerous souvenir shops scattered all along the Belcekiz beach shore. Many resort hotels and residence blocks have their own gift shops and are always thronged by visitors looking for a good memento to take home. A minibus can be taken to Hisaronu or Fethiye to do the extensive shopping. Good buys include leather wares, tapestries, jewellery, fashionable sunglasses and watches. Many well maintained minimarkets can be found throughout the town. Markets are held at Hisaronu and Fethiye on Mondays and Tuesdays respectively. These markets are famous for designer clothes and a wide array of bags.


Icmeler :There are all sorts of restaurants in Icmeler, but visitors mostly enjoy the ones that serve authentic Turkish cuisine, a good choice for which is the Turkish House in Turunc Road. Here visitors can taste local specialties like Guvec, a clay-pot casserole, or tasty kebabs, washed down with some traditional aniseed spirit known as Turkish wine or raki. Good steaks are available at the Love Boat in the Devamli Hotel. The Majestic Restaurant offers a menu that is a mix of Indian, Italian and Chinese. Excellent British lunch is served on Sundays at a Chinese Restaurant called Kingsland which is situated above the undercover market. Olu Deniz: Oludeniz has a lot of restaurants on offer. Some of the suggested restaurants are The White Dolphin, for dining with sunset views and delicious but moderately priced seafood delicacies; The Buffalo's Steak House, which is famous for its T-bones; The Blue Star Pride, offering great Turkish cuisine; and The Belcekiz Beach Club, a la Carte for an elite Mediterranean night out. Many cafes line the walkway, where one can dine with the sound of ebbing waves.

Head to the beach

Icmeler : Icmeler with its magnificent beach is primarily a sun, sea and sand holiday destination. Hence there are a wide variety of watersports that are on offer at the resort hotels and along the sea front. Olu Deniz : Oludeniz, with its eye catching blue-green waters, is among the most beautiful beaches in Turkey. Thus the water is the main attraction here, especially for the paragliders who come from all over the world to glide over the turquoise waters from atop the Babadag Mountain. Diving and snorkeling are the other frequented activities.


There is plenty to see and do whilst in Dalaman and we have listed a few ideas below. Several of these attractions can be booked at discounted rates to our customers who use our holidays search option. If you're only booking the hotel with us then most attractions can be booked from your hotel or via a local agency but the cost may be higher

Atlantis Water Park If you are looking for a day filled with thrills and unlimited fun then look no further than the Atlantis Water Park. Its numerous slides, rides and aquatic adventures suitable for all age groups provide a great fun-filled day out for families and groups of friends. Atlantis Water Park is one of Marmaris’ biggest waterparks and offers an exhilarating day of entertainment for the entire family with an bunch of attractions suitable for fun-seekers of all ages. Hold your breath and plunge down one of the many colourful slides or shoot along corkscrew-like chutes. There’s also a Kids Land where the little ones will love playing in a fun-filled land of cute animal slides. Catch a wave in the large wave pool, go swimming or take advantage of all the other activities Atlantis Water Park has to give. Take time out to work on your tan on the park’s private beach by relaxing on a comfortable sun-bed or challenge your friends and family to an exciting round of Crazy Golf on the park’s 18-hole course. If you want to have a break from the sunshine, there is a fully air-conditioned bowling alley with an array of pool tables, air hockey, table football and arcade games as well as a fully stocked bar. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to eating with a selection of restaurants, snack bars and cafes dotted about the complex that are open into the evening. Choose from mouth-watering local specialties and international cuisine. With so much to do, the Atlantis Water Park promises an endless aquatic adventure with a difference for everyone to enjoy. Start or opening time: 10am. End or closing time: 6pm. Click on the name to see more details and pictures of the Atlantis Water Park .

Pamukkale and Hierapolis Tour Pamukkale was formed by calcium-filled springs pouring down a mountainside, its glacier-white ridges and pools look like something from the Arctic. You'll have time to relax as well as to explore nearby Hierapolis. This Roman city was constructed around the original springs and features an impressive amphitheatre. Pamukkale and Hierapolis combined are a Unesco World Heritage Site. Pamukkale, which in English means ‘cotton castle’, is a series of cascading calcium terraces formed as a result of thermal springs. It’s a series of mountainside terraces where natural springs have solidified into snowy-white stalactites and cliffs. The effect is strangely beautiful - a winter-like wonderland of petrified tiers and pools. You’ll start at the ice-white terraces, snapping photos of the surreal landscape. There are just a handful of these in the planet and they have to be seen to be believed. The contrast with the surrounding landscape is particularly stark. Up the hill, at Hierapolis, there is a well-preserved Roman theatre and ancient thermal baths, which have been restored and converted into an archaeological museum. Other significant sites include the Temple of Apollo, the Necropolis and the Nymphaeum.

Dalyan Tour Dalyan's been busy rolling out the red carpet a fair bit lately, with stars like Robbie Williams and Sting dropping by for a visit. And now you can follow in the footsteps of the stars with a trip to this magical spot on Turkey's Mediterranean coast. Sail down the emerald green Dalyan River and take in the eerie Rock Tombs dating back to 400BC. Plunge into the natural sulphur mud baths and smother yourself in therapeutic mud (said to strip ten years off you!), then dip into the hot sulphur pool to rinse yourself clean. After lunch on the boat, head to Caretta beach. Made famous by David Bellamy, it is the home and breeding ground of the rare loggerhead turtles. Meeting/pick-up point: Pick-up from hotels approx 8am-8:30am. Start/opening time: 9am.

Ephesus Tour The greatest open air museum of the world, situated in the antique city, together with the fantastic guide will help to step back in time and experience life from thousands of years ago. A visit to Ephesus, the commercial center of the ancient world which was host for three different religions, is a must for those who visit Turkey. The area of Ephesus is also famous as the final destination for the Virgin Mary who is said to have been brought here by John the Apostle. The tour will visit either the house where she is said to have lived in a beautiful spot on Mt. Koressos or the Basilica of St John which is believed to stand over the burial site of the Apostle. Meeting/pick-up point: At the hotel. Start/opening time: At 7am. End/closing time: At 8pm.

Day visit to Rhodes Sample a different country with a day trip to our Greek neighbour, Rhodes. With its sandy beaches, whitewashed villages and rich history, it’s Greece at its best. After we’ve dropped you at the harbour, you’ll sail to Rhodes Town, the capital. With its picturesque harbour, new town and walled old quarter built by the Knights of St. John, it’s packed with attractions. Gaze at the well-preserved medieval architecture of the old town. Sights to tick through include the Street of the Knights, the gigantic Palace of the Grand Masters and 15th century Hospital of the Knights. Then once you’re done with history, explore the cobbled passageways - they’re filled with little squares, fountains, churches and shops selling local handicrafts and Greek delicacies. Or head for the new town’s pavement cafes and chic boutiques. Why not try a Gyros – a Greek style kebab – meat, a little salad and chips all wrapped up in pitta bread. And don’t miss the chance to see Mandraki harbour. Home to luxury yachts and waterfront cafes, was once home to the legendary Colossus of the Rhodes. Look out over the boats and imagine this massive statue more than 30 meters high. During the 3rd century BC, it bestrode the harbour and ranked as a Wonder of the Ancient World.

Turkish Night Want to make a night to remember? Then come and join the intoxicating atmosphere of this evening under the stars-with a Turkish twist. Colourfully dressed folk dancers will swirl before your eyes in bright traditional costumes and bewitching belly dancers will weave their magic on you. With a delicious dinner and unlimited soft drinks, water, beer and wine throughout the night you are guaranteed to have a great time! Meeting/pick-up point: Kervansaray Restaurant, Merkez Mahallesi, A. Menderes Caddesi, 316. Sokak No: 2, Marmaris. Start/opening time: At 8pm. End/closing time: At 12am.

Marmaris Shopping If you fancy a full day of shopping, then come with us to Marmaris. At the Gold Centre, eye up trays of shiny gold and silver or order a piece to be specially made for you. Afterwards, a leather center to rifle through bags, belts, sandals and jackets all at great prices. In the bazaar, you’ll have over three hours to use your bartering skills to snap up carpets, exotic spices, and hand-painted dishes and copycat designer labels. Finally, it’s off to a Turkish delight factory where you can add to your shopping haul with a box or two of these sugar-dusted treats. There are plenty of bars around the market, where you can enjoy a cool drink and watch the hippy entertainers do their thing!

Blues the Cruise If the idea of a perfect day is simply to rest, relax and do a little, then the Blues Cruise is perfect for you! Sun, sea, swimming and slumber are the order of the day on the exclusive wooden gulet boat. As you lay on the sunbed you can either soak up the sun's rays or relax in the shade whilst sipping a cool drink and reading a good book. If you're feeling slightly more energetic, there's plenty of opportunity for swimming and snorkelling as the boat drops anchor in the many hidden bays and inlets along this beautiful coastline. With lunch prepared and served on board, nothing will disturb the enjoyment of this fabulous day out. It´s pure magic!

Turtle Watch Witness nature’s true phenomenon, the Dalyan Delta, one of the last nesting grounds of the endangered loggerhead turtle. On your tour of this fully protected area, you will get up close to amazing freshwater turtles and be awe-inspired by lush scenery and pristine coastline. A visit to the Dalyan Delta is a must for nature lovers! This enchanting southwest corner of Turkey has around 180 different species of birds and 3 types of freshwater turtle as well as crystal clear waters, sparkling beaches and spectacular landscape. Keep your eyes peeled and your camera at the ready as your expert guide takes you on a journey of a lifetime. This beautiful area of Turkey’s coast is famous for the world’s largest hard-shell turtle – the loggerhead sea turtle (also known as Caretta (caretta in Turkish). These incredible creatures can grow up to 100cm long and weigh as much as 80kg as adults. During this fascinating tour you will visit the idyllic Iztuzu Beach, where on several kilometres of soft golden sands you can watch how these majestic creatures interact in their natural habitat. Between May and September look out for evidence in the sand of baby turtles, which have hatched and made their arduous first journey into the sea during the night. Your tour also includes a trip to the Turtle rescue centre. Here you will learn more about these graceful creatures, observe turtles that are being nursed back to health to be released into the wild again, and if you’re lucky some baby turtles. This is an unforgettable experience and opportunity to see one of nature’s most impressive creations that should not be missed by anyone visiting this part of Turkey.

Mugla Market This tour takes you to the provincial capital of the Mugla province to explore the old town district and enjoy the large open-air market for some bargain shopping. Approximately one hour’s journey from Marmaris, on arrival you are given three hours free time in which to admire the numerous, registered old houses dating from the 18th and 19th centuries. These were built mainly in the Turkish/Ottoman style and are characterised by courtyards which are accessed through double-shuttered doors; this part of the town is also the home of the bazaar and market which sells a rich array of local artefacts as well as more commercial goods. Plenty of tea houses, cafes and restaurants can be found to enjoy a refreshing drink in or to sit and watch the world go by. Mugla is also famous for its meatballs, so why not give these a try for a tasty lunch.

Fethiye by Night Get to know Fethiye in the cool of dusk and combine it with a sunset-gazing cruise. Take in the views over wooded shores, islands and coves as the sun casts a soft golden glow over them. After that visiting gold center. Dinner is excluded, and finally, you’ll have time to explore the cobbled old town. Fethiye; especially in terms of tourism has developed. Fethiye is one of Turkey's well-known tourist centres and is especially popular during the summer. In the last ten years Fethiye has become a magnet for British citizens. Apart from its climate and natural beauty, the Britons are attracted by its less expensive lifestyle and the hospitality of the local people. The Fethiye Museum, which is very rich in ancient and more recent artefact’s, displays and testifies to the successive chain of civilizations that existed in the area, starting with the ancient Lycians. Fethiye is also home to the Tomb of Amyntas, a large and beautiful tomb built in 350 BC by the Lycians. What makes this tomb very unique is its massive size and beautiful carvings.

Talk Of The Town Tour See a flash of feathers and a blur of bangles as a show to remember bursts into life. With more colours to it than a rainbow, this dazzling evening kicks off with a show that has more glitz and glamour than you can shake a stick at. With two different shows on a fortnightly basis; let the legendary Play Girls entertain you as you enjoy dinner. You can’t help but succumb to the contagious atmosphere. (Dinner is included, drinks are extra). Many customers return year after year, so plan it into your timetable as you’ll want to go again next week – it’ll be a different show too.

Deluxe cruise along the bay The best activity on a holiday is to take a boat and cruise through different spots and islands of the area. So many beautiful beaches clear turquoise water and every single spot of the coast line is full of history. This is the one of the best boat trip in Fethiye area. This deluxe cruise is all about relaxing and its adults only so the atmosphere is laid-back. Feel the sea breezes ruffle your hair and lose yourself in a book or snooze in the sunshine. Lunch is served on deck so you don’t need to move far. Plus you’ll make regular swim stops to cool off. Visiting exclusive crystal water bays and 4 swimming breaks. Meeting/pick-up point: Pick Up from the Hotels from 8am – 9.15am. Start/opening time: At 9.30am departure from Fethiye harbour. -End/closing time: At 4.30pm. Languages: English. Others: Max. 16 Persons on board.

Fethiye Market Experience an authentic Turkish market, see Turkish delight being made and then enjoy a blissful afternoon cruise around Fethiye's beautiful coastline. You will be picked up from your hotel at 09:45 and we'll head straight for Fethiye's colourful Tuesday market. When it comes to markets, the Turks know a thing or two. After all, bazaars and haggling seems to run in their blood and down at Fethiye Market, the locals certainly put on a good show. Wander past tables groaning under the weight of fresh fruit and vegetables, and breathe in the delicious aromas wafting from the spice stalls. Brightly coloured ceramics, great quality cotton and brassware are among the goods that'll vie for your attention. Do not forget to barter to bag yourself some bargains; traders will expect it and it's all part of the fun. If you don't want to spend too much time at the market there's also an optional visit to a Jewellery shop where you can stock up on some bling. After all the retail therapy you can chill out. What better way than boarding a lazy afternoon cruise where you can put your feet up and relax as we sail around the local bays. This full day excursion includes hotel pick up and drop off, transfer by air-conditioned coach, and the services of an English-speaking guide throughout. Guests should also remember to bring their swimsuits and some sun-cream.

Stop dreaming, Go-there and make sure you get the most out of your holiday in Turkey.

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